Fifth Iron Local Heroes Act

Since shortly after the Absolvent War the governing body of Fifth Iron has created a “Local Heroes Act”. It is mandatory that all citizens apply. Applicants are chosen at random to undergo aptitude tests to determine their ability to serve as diligent “citizen soldiers”, cutting off Heresy at its source.

It’s taken and incredible amount of manpower and Enforcer “coercion” but it’s estimated at least 97% of the population has now applied. The number of jobs created by the Local Heroes Act in order to handle paperwork alone has helped to significantly offset the unemployment and aid in easing the tensions in the middle class citizens.


The act is not without its down sides. Various members of the population have spoken out about such a large scale collection of citizen information because it supposedly gives the local government too much power. The government reminds citizens that the information gathered is only basic enough to help determine aptitude and little else, if anything.

The number of citizen disappearances has slowly risen since shortly after the acts inception. While some suggest this is a case of quiet purging of dissenting citizenry the local authorities point to the fact this kind of information previously went largely unchecked and under-reported and maintains that the government has nothing to do with any disappearances.

As well, citizens already eager to serve the Holy Emperor combined with a drop in unemployment created enough of a schism between the majority of middle class citizens that there has yet to be any significant uprising or even general dissent. While a negative or positive consensus has yet to be reached by the majority of the population a status-quo is maintained.

Some people have suggested that, in reality, only 75% of the population have actually been worked into the Local Heroes Act system. Of those 75% it is also suggested that less than 50% of applications are accurate. Some people have claims of being forced into aptitude tests despite the paperwork being served to them is under another name or address. Some people even claim to have been required to participate in identical aptitude tests on more than one occasion.

What this Means For Players

Any players who’s characters live in Fifth Iron must have submitted an application at some point. If they had immigrated to Fifth Iron since the inception of the Local Hero Act they would have been required to complete an application as part of applying for citizen status.

Fifth Iron Local Heroes Act

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