A Lost Son Outline

There are a couple guidelines I want to mention before character creation:

  • I’m going to try and achieve an even mix of combat, interaction and investigation. I don’t know how well that will pan out but do let that inform your character design decisions.
  • The characters in this campaign will not start out being a part of the Inquisition. They will merely be citizens of Fifth Iron. Because of this they will not receive a divination at character creation. Once they become a member we can figure out a divination that fits the character.
  • The characters must be citizens of Fifth Iron. They have lived here for at least a year and be established in the city somehow. They will be aware of Fifth Irons recent history. I’ll cover all this in the first session. While it’s not vital I do want people to keep it in mind.
  • I want all the characters to be randomly rolled. I would like the first few campaigns to all be relatively short with each person getting a new character each time. This way we’ll have a larger group of characters to work with in the event of long term recovery, death or, if they’re lucky, induction into the Inquisition before they need long term recovery or die! I would rather people feel open to dangerous, heroic feats instead of a long, dull life for the character. For all intents and purposes, consider this a one-shot.
  • If you don’t have a related knowledge skill then your character doesn’t know anything about it. I want to emphasis the use of knowledge and other skills so I really want everyone to keep in mind their characters are almost all fairly ignorant, incapable and maybe not even literate at the outset.
  • I’m only going to open up the Core rulebook for characters for this campaign. I may pull information from other books at some point, but to keep it simple I’m just going to go with the core rulebook.

General Other Less Important Stuff:

The characters don’t need to have known each other ahead of time. It would be more fitting if they don’t, but it would be OK if they were all friends as well.

I want to do character creation as a group before going on to the first of the prologue bits.

The last thing to know before character creation is that shortly after the Absolvent War the governing body of Fifth Iron has created a “Local Heroes Act”. It is manditory all citizens apply. Aplicants are chosen at random to take part, first in an aptitude test in order to determine their ability to serve at diligent “citizen soldiers”. Whether your character submitted their application willingly or had it forced upon them is up to you. Voluntarily may make this easier but I’m willing to discuss alternatives.

A Lost Son Outline

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