Fifth Iron

Buried beneath the uninhabitable scorching desert sands of planet Cerss lies the unofficial capital city Fifth Iron. Named, unceremoniously, because it was the fifth city established by the Adeptus Mechanicus to mine the raw iron ore needed to supply the orbiting Forge Moon.

A Brief History

Once the mines of Third Iron were deemed depleted the entire population of the city was migrated to Fifth Iron. Work in Fifth Irons mining sector alone was unable to support such a large population boom and all manor of various enterprises, legal or otherwise, arose to survive amidst exploding unemployment rates.

Cunning entrepreneurs took advantage of the situation and, over a short period of time, were able to amass small fortunes. This created a stark divide between rich and poor which manifested in the topmost floor of the city becoming a guarded haven for the well-off and famous individuals while the lowest floor became an almost lawless ghetto ruled by slum lords and gangs.

Threats were made by purportedly poor, low-class individuals to destroy key support structures of the city unless equality and employment were restored. In a frightened, knee-jerk response a combined army of Enforcers, Arbitrators and a section of a local Imperial Guard regiment were assembled and tasked with purging the ghettos of heretics. With such a loose definition of “heretic” there was an incredible amount of innocent deaths. This decimated the population in the lower floor and became known, locally, as the “Absolvent War”.

It’s only been a decade since that time and, while some feel safe now, old tensions have mutated instead into a secret, seething anger.

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Andreas Rocha

Fifth Iron